Anmeldelse Shure SRH940

When a pair of cans is destined to spend its life indoors, size isn’t much of an issue. And these Shures are unashamedly large, padded and Cyberman-esque — we can’t see many folks taking them on the Tube.

If you were of a mind to, though, at least you wouldn’t irritate your fellow sardines: the Shure SRH940s are closed-back headphones, and don’t leak sound to the outside world.

They’re lovely and comfy on the head thanks to their padded velour ear-cups, and their circumaural design (which surrounds your whole ear rather than sitting on it) means your lugs won’t get too hot.


Shure SRH940: Sound quality Plugged in through a Chord Chordette Toucan headphone amp and playing a WAV file of Boards of Canada’s 1998 classic Roygbiv via iTunes, the first thing that strikes us about the SRH940s is their immediacy.

They’re a fast, energetic listen, and open and revealing with it too – which goes slightly against the grain of their closed-back DNA. The rich synths of the track are conveyed explicitly, and there’s oodles of detail in the low-fi hi-hat part.

The mellow melody is nicely rounded, and the whole frequency range sits together really well, with nothing standing out too far or sitting too far back in the mix.

Switch gears to Chan Chan by the Buena Vista Social Club and all that detail is once again to the fore. The tight-yet-full quality to low frequencies is particularly pleasing.

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