Anmeldelse Shure SRH1840

Shure’s SRH1840s are the ‘Goldilocks’ of headphones. As in the fairy tale, these cans are ‘just right’ – a confident and composed pair of headphones, their relatively mundane look masks the superb sonic quality they can achieve.

So what makes these Shures ‘just right’? Well the 1840s sit in a sweet spot between the Grados and Sennheisers, combining comfort and refinement with agility and toe-tapping entertainment.

Shure SRH1840: Sound quality

Simply put, these 1840s are a delight to listen to. Listen to James Rhodes  playing Bach’s Chaconne in D Minor, and the piano glides along beautifully. You’ll be immersed in the way the Shures deliver each note with plenty of insight and enthusiasm for the full 16 minutes of the piece.

They’re able to handle more complex recordings without ever feeling strained. The intricate arrangement in Radiohead’s 15 Step can be daunting, but the Shures hold their own: each instrument is separate while also working with the rest to make musical sense.

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