Anmeldelse Grado PS 1000e

It says everything about the way these headphones perform that we would gladly put up with any mickey taking that their undoubtedly pre-war looks might bring.

That's not to say this is a flawless package. The 'phones weigh in at a beefy 500g rather than the more typical 300g of most rivals – so you're always aware of their presence.

Unlike previous Grado range toppers, which used mahogany ear-pieces, the PS1000s combine a mahogany inner core with an alloy outer-casing.

The combination of materials self-damps to give the revised drive unit a solid, low-resonance base to work from. A new high-purity copper cable completes the engineering content.

Not perfect, but still wonderful If you're expecting perfect sound, you're in for a disappointment. There are certain things headphones just can't do. They can't lay out a soundstage in front of a listener in the way half decent speakers can.


Neither do they offer even a sniff of the physical impact of music.

However, get past these innate shortcomings, and it takes no time to realise Grado has moved the headphone game on.

Yes, the price is staggeringly high. But when you hear the way the PS1000s destroy all other high-end cans we've heard for insight, dynamics and timing, it's easy to argue they're worth every penny.

There are, of course, certain things that have to be in place. A top class source is mandatory: think of Cyrus's CD8 SE as a minimum standard.

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