Anmeldelse Beyerdynamic Tesla T1

There are two parts to this review: here we have Beyerdynamic's T1 headphones, which need to be paired with the company's A1 headphone amplifier. This pairing represents great value. No, we haven't taken leave of our senses  – we know that spending near £1900 on headphones and partnering amplifier is a touch extreme – but let us explain.

If you want to hear every last nuance of sound from a recording, we haven't come across a better way of doing it than this Beyerdynamic combination.

Certainly, no sub-£20,000 amp and speaker pairing we've heard has got anywhere near unravelling a complex recording like Radiohead's In Rainbows as well as this duo.

That's before you consider the limitations any normal room places on performance. Every instrumental thread of 15 Step is scrubbed clean, and remains easy to track regardless of how complex the rest of the production gets. Each note is defined: the ability to stop and start really has few rivals in the speaker world, regardless of cost.

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