Anmeldelse Beyerdynamic DT 990 Edition

his is the ‘Premium’ version of the DT990s (which we awarded three stars many moons ago) and comes in three different impedance levels: 32, 250 and 600ohms.

While the 32ohm model is more suited for smartphones and portable players, the other higher impedance versions are better suited to hi-fi use with a headphone amp like Audiolab’s M-DAC.

We use this pairing with our 250ohm review set and are impressed with the results – after they’ve been run-in extensively, mind.

Give them anything less than 72 hours to warm-up and music is tainted by an uncomfortable trebly edge. When the edge is taken off, though, the Beyerdynamics have a likeable, even temperament.

The mid-range is clear and comes through a rich bass and well judged treble.

The Beyers fill their spacious and airy presentation with detail and display balance too, having no trouble uncovering the small narrative quips in Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP2 album.

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